Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions 

Pussykatclub   Portal and Platform Usage Rules 

Welcome to the "PUSSYKATCLUB" web site at www. Pussykatclub.com. Please  read these terms       carefully   before  making any contracts   or   transactions through our website and/or before  using   our services in   general. By initiating  the  use  of  this site or in  connection with the performance of any contracting of    our services or transaction   through the Portal (as defined  below),it is presumed  that you have read and consented  to these terms and conditions. By  using  this  site  electronically,   the  User acknowledges    that he/she  has read and agreed  to   be subject to  these terms  and  conditions  to the full   extent  and with  all  its    legal scope. 

The following  terms  and  conditions for use  of the portal (the "Rules of  Use")  apply  to   all www.Pussykatclub.com websites (the "Portal"),  owned by "PUSSYKATCLUB" ("Pussykatclub"). 

 Pussykatclub Services  and  Portal  Transactions   

Pussykatclub is a E-Commerce company focused on offering intermediation services to  the general public through the use  of technology, to offer  for sale to  the public through contest or any similar buying and selling scheme, auction inventory provided    by  third-party suppliers   outside Pussykatclub.  In addition, Pussykatclub shall have the right, in  its  sole discretion, to sell in the retail market the products provided by an offering User, on any market platform (the "Services"). Pussykatclub  is not  committed to any political or government organization. 

For the purposes  of   these Portal Usage Rules, you will be considered a user to:(i)  general public and/or (ii)  Pussykatclub   customer who has generally a user profile through   our Portal and/or before  contracting  any of our services through    the Portal, or (iii) who provides inventory to  Pussykatclub  for its offer of  sale to third  parties by using the Portal (the "User"). The  User  fully  and  unconditionally  accepts both the Rules of Use  of the Portal,    as well as the  Privacy Notice(collectively, the "Legal Notice"),  published  on the Portal.   Pussykatclub  reserves  the  right to  update  or  revise  these  terms  and  conditions        without    notice and without   prior  authorization by  any  third party; please review these terms  and  conditions  periodically  to  learn of any  changes, without  liability    to  Pussykatclub. The  continued  use  of  this site  after  the  posting of   any  change  in  these  terms and conditions indicates that the User  accepts     such  changes  without    reservation. 

The User fully acknowledges and accepts that through the use of the Portal he has disclosed his legal personality with complete, truthful, full information and without deception or any vice of consent. Likewise, the User acknowledges that he has full legal capacity to be obliged against third parties without limitation, and that it does not work for the benefit of any undisclosed third party beneficiary, and that both the supply of inventory of products for sale, and the purchase thereof, is made with resources of lawful origin. The above applies to both Supplier Users and Buyer Users, and in general to anyone who in any way contracts or uses services and/or transacts through the Portal. The User fully recognizes the applicable provisions of Mexican legislation and USA legislation on electronic commerce, use of technology for the identity of contracting parties either through the use of any electronic signature or the exchange of data messages, thus admitting their legal validity and suitability as admissible in matters of proof in any judicial or administrative process in United States of America. 

Each Inventory  Provider  User  to be       offered  for sale through the Portal,  will be  solely  responsible  for  the quality,  defects and / or  hidden  defects of  the  products  provided  to  Pussykatclub. In        such           case,  such  Supplier User    shall be  fully responsible for covering  the  expenses,  costs,  damages  that may be  caused  to a Buyer User or Pussykatclub, for the  offer to the market of  products that quality other than that  offered, with  defects  and / or that result  from  hidden  defects. The foregoing  shall  include,  without limit,  the  exercise of any legal action by an affected  Buyer User,  or by Pussykatclub,  including  any  criminal action applicable for  fraud  or  any  other  crime  that is set up  by  such  offer. 

The material contained  on the Portal is for informational  purposes  of  the services offered,  and  to  carry  out  transactions relating    to  the object  of  Pussykatclub. These Rules of  Use govern the  use of the Portal, as well as any technology that   is, where applicable, used by Pussykatclub   against the general market (the "Platform") and access to them constitutes  a binding,   valid and enforceable  contract    (an  "Agreement")by and between  Pussykatclub and the User with  respect to the use of the Portal and the Platform, and between an offering User and a Buyer User with  respect to transactions carried out through the Portal or the Platform. The Legal Notice   is    mandatory and  binding on  all  Users. In  the  event that the  User does  not   agree with the Legal Notice, in  whole or in  part,   he/she must refrain  from  using, operating,  visiting the Portal and/or the Pussykatclub Platform.   

Pussykatclub will  make  its  best reasonable efforts   to verify  the  existence  and  quality of the  products  offered   for  sale  through the Portal. However, Pussykatclub shall have  no responsibility   for the  quality of such inventory of products   offered for sale through the Portal, as well as for the freight or delivery thereof to the respective buyers, the above being the sole  responsibility   of the Offering User. The  deadline for the       delivery  of  any  product  purchased  through  the  use of the Portal will  be  as   indicated  on the same Portal when making a transaction, without  implying    any  responsibility   for Pussykatclub, being fully  the  responsibility of the respective User. 

Product images are displayed on  the Portal  as  accurately  as  possible. However, Pussykatclub  makes no representation or  warranty  that  the color the User    perceives matches   the actual color of the  product,  since the display of the color depends,  in part, on  the  hardware and software media   used. 

  For no  reason  will   Pussykatclub be   considered as the  depositary of  any inventory of products       offered  for sale  through  the Portal, regardless of whether it is  physical or virtual inventory. 

By using the Portal, the Platform and/or by inducing its use electronically or through other means, the User indicates that he/she accepts the Agreement and that: 

You acknowledge  and  agree that  Pussykatclub disclaims   all liability,    loss, damage or  risk  resulting    from  direct  or  indirect  use  of the Portal, Platform or  Services. 

You acknowledge and agree that use of the Portal and Platform is subject to the terms of the Legal Notice, as may be modified from time to time. 

You will only use the materials, information and various content available on the Portal and platform for personal, non-commercial and informational purposes, and that you will not modify any of the materials contained there. 

In addition, the following provisions apply on the use of the Portal: 

Prices are subject to change without notice; 

All items are subject to availability and/or until stocks last; 

At the  time  of   placing  an order Pussykatclub reserves the right to  separate  the  ordered   product(s).  This will  be  done exclusively  after  you  receive  your  payment  or  confirm  your  purchase; 

Pussykatclub is  not  responsible   in  case there  is  a   delay on the  part  of the  parcel. However,  we  support  your   purchase  and   our customer  service  staff  will  assist you   in  the event of any  inconvenience in  the delivery    of  your  order. In  the  event of any     delay    in the    delivery  or  shipment  of   your  order, it is  the   responsibility of the Pussykatclub Customer  to  contact  our Customer  Service  department; 

Orders will be shipped exclusively to the address specified in the shipping data that notify the order; 

Once the order is shipped, it is the full responsibility of the parcel to meet the times mentioned in the type of shipment. Our customers can personally track their package on web portals and/or parcel phones as appropriate; 

Pussykatclub  reserves the right to  supply or  replace  any  product  that  is  sold  out  and  we have  a  replacement. Otherwise,    we  will  have    to  contact  our    client. If you are not  reached  by telephone  and there is no    reply  from you   via  email, it  is your full responsibility to  contact us  as  soon as  possible; 

In the case of products damaged or not matching your order, they must be reported within a maximum period of 3 business days after receiving your order; 

Pussykatclub will respect  the  prices published   by us in media  (Website,  RSS),  respecting  the  validity  and quantity   of parts  available for the  promotion,  unless  some price  is miscalculated  and  this variation is  greater than 10% of the actual price of the  product;   

In  case  any price  has been miscalculated or there is any mistake  Pussykatclub  will  publish a faith of errata that  exonerates it from all   liability   and  allows to give way  to after  the  published  promotion; 

All products have a limited number of parts, the price will be respected only until the end of the term or if applicable when the parts are exhausted, whichever comes first; 

In the case  of  products that are in accordance with applicable law intended for  adults  only,  the Pussykatclub customer declares and warrants under protest that the consumer and recipient of such  products  is of legal age  and that such  purchase does not violate any applicable legal or  regulatory provisions,  relieved  a Pussykatclub of any liability  for  that  purpose. 


By tax provision, the invoice will be issued according to the data provided through the corresponding order; 

Only one invoice may be issued per order; 

Once billing  with  the data  provided has been    made, no changes or cancellations    can  be made. In  ac with the above, the  customer  must  verify  the  data  to  be invoiced  before  proceeding  to  place  his  order. 

User Behavior 

The User agrees to comply with all relevant local, state, national and international laws, regulations, rules and rules and is solely responsible for all actions or omissions that occur as a result of the use or access to the Portal or platform including and without limitation, the content of its transmissions through or to the Portal or platform. Without limiting the general of the foregoing, the User undertakes not to do the following: 

Use the Portal or Platform in connection with the commission of property crimes or any other type, in particular in matters of anti-money laundering and anti-corruption. 

Use the Portal or Platform in connection with chain letters, advertising email, unwanted advertising email, or any duplicates or unsolicited, commercial or other messages. 

Collect, compile or disseminate information about third parties, including email addresses or personal data, without the consent of the owner of the information or data. 

Create a fake identity or a fake email address or header, or attempt to mislead others about the sender's identity or the origin of a message. 

Transmit illegal, harassing, defamatory, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene, offensive or objectionable materials through or to the Portal or Platform. 

Transmit any material that may infringe the intellectual property rights or other rights of third parties, including and without limitation, trademarks, trade secrets or copyrights. 

Transmit any material containing viruses, trojan horses, worms, time bombs, cancellation programs, or any other harmful or harmful program. 

Use the Portal or Platform to violate any relevant law restricting the export or import of data, software or other content. 

Interfere with, or  disrupt, the  operation of  networks connected  to  Pussykatclub websites  or violate the rules,  policies,  rules  or  procedures  of such networks.   

Obtain or attempt to  gain unauthorized  access to the Pussykatclub  Portal or Platform and websites or other accounts, computer  systems or networks connected to  Pussykatclub's websites or the Platform, by searching for or obtaining  passwords illegally or by any other means. 

Interfere with the use of the Portal or Platform by any third party. 

Use the Portal or Platform in any unethical or unlawful manner. 

Use the Portal or Platform to promote business for the benefit of any company or service of the competition. 

        It is expressly prohibited to :(i)  use the Portal and/or the Platform and/or services for illegal,  immoral,  obscene or prohibited purposes by applicable law and/or customs; (ii)  cause                 modifications,  alterations  and/or  deletions, made by electronic means or in any other way,  using lawful or  unlawful resources, that  may  interfere with  the administration  or  operation of the Portal and/or the Platform and/or the Services  provided by Pussykatclub. 

The  User  shall  be  liable  for any damages caused to Pussykatclub arising from its actions  or  those  arising  from  its  officials, employees,  agents, dependents,  collaborators  and/or associated  natural  or moral person, subsidiary  and/or subsidiary. 

Users and Privacy 

In order for the User to use the Pussykatclub Portal or Platform, he/she   may do so through the contacts  available  on the Portal or by  having  a  User account on the Portal and/or the Platform. When resolving    any questions or queries,   the User may  be  asked    to  provide  personal  information.       Pussykatclub's  data collection and use policies   regarding   the     privacy of    such  information  are  contained in the Legal Notice, which  will  be considered incorporated herein by  reference for   all  purposes  and  can  be consulted   through the Portal. It is the  User's  responsibility    to provide  accurate,  complete,  true and up-to-date information. The User,  through  the  use of the Portal and/or the Platform,  agrees  to the provisions of the Legal Notice,  including  the  content  of the Privacy  Notice, and  undertakes  to keep up  to date promptly any changes  in the  information  provided. 

  Anything a  User   transmits  or posts   on  the Portal will  become  the  property  of  Pussykatclub or its  affiliates  and  may  be  used  for  any  purpose,  including but not limited to reproduction,  disclosure,  transmission,  publication,  broadcast  and  placement. In addition,  Pussykatclub  is free to        use  any    ideas, concepts, know-how, or  techniques contained in any  communication  you  submit to  this  site for any purpose,    including, but not limited to,  development,  manufacture and marketing  of  products  using  such  information. 

Payment, Cancellations and Returns 

The Services  provided  are  personal   and non-transferable, and may    only be  used  by the   Contracting  User  and/or its affiliated or subsidiary     entities.  The  User    undertakes to  comply with the   payment  terms  provided  in  his/her  respective  service   contract.      Likewise,  the  User    acknowledges that  the  prices that are determined for  the  products  offered  through the Portal are fair  in terms  of market, so it to demarcate Pussykatclub from any liability  in  relation  to the  determination  of  such  prices. 

All credit or debit card holders, or any other similar means of payment for online payments, are subject to verifications and authorizations by the issuer. By voluntarily providing the User with their own information for the contracting of the Services and carrying out transactions, the User consents to its use for the corresponding charge or electronic transfer of funds, and confirms ownership of the account in question and that it has sufficient funds available to cover the respective charges. 

Payment platforms  are  independent  of   Pussykatclub and are     intended  to     facilitate  a secure  and agile transaction  for  Users. Any  queries  or      incidents  about such   payment system  should  be directed  directly  with  the  payment  platforms  applicable to the Portal or platform, and in no  case  does Pussykatclub  assume  any  responsibility    arising from the operation or  use  of the  payment  platforms. 

       Pussykatclub Services are  designed  for  Users    of legal   age  and    fully  able to  contract, or  those who have sufficient legal  capacity  to  acquire  obligations and have a   Federal Taxpayer Registry  with the    Tax Administration  Service. Users  must  suspend  the use  of  the Portal or Platform immediately  if  they  do  not   agree or do not  accept  all  of these Rules of  Use or  the content  of the Legal Notice. Pussykatclub reserves  the right to  remove or  prohibit any    User from using the Portal or Platform in its sole discretion when it has causes it deems justified, based on the content of  these  Rules of Use, the Legal Notice and the contract for the provision of services  relating to the  contracting  of the  Services. 

By    contracting   the  Services  directly    the  User  agrees   to  pay  Pussykatclub  the  rate  indicated  on the Portal or platform for the  contracted  Services, and/or  the purchase price of products for the  respective  transaction. Pussykatclub   reserves the right to  update  such  rates  and/or  prices  at  any  time,  in  its sole discretion. Payment  will  be  charged   at the  time  you  request  the  Services  or  transact,  as  applicable. By       accepting these terms and Rules  of Use,  the  User    authorizes  the automatic  charge  to   his/her Creditcard, debit, PayPal, realization of SPEI  or other form of  online   payment. 

Cancellations of offers will only proceed in the case of offers that have not received any purchase offer. Once a transaction has been made, it will not apply any refund, except in the case of defective products, in which case Pussykatclub's maximum responsibility will be to act as an intermediary against the respective Supplier User and make commercially reasonable efforts to obtain payment of the respective refund by the offering User. The User acknowledges that  Pussykatclub  has no way of guaranteeing, and that Pussykatclub  makes no implied or explicit warranties, to achieve any such refund. The cancellation and refund policies apply solely to And exclusively to Pussykatclub, including the time frame it deems reasonable to coordinate the refund in question. 

Property Rights in Portal and Platform Content 

Pussykatclub has  the  exclusive  ownership   and  ownership of the rights  granted  by  applicable  laws and/or  international  treaties inherent in  intellectual  property, for  all  trademarks, trade notices,  software  and computer programs in general, and  other figures eligible for legal protection under the Industrial Property Law and the Federal Copyright Law, in  relation  to the Portal and platform,  through  which it   promotes, markets and   provides its Services,  including but not limited to:(i)  industrial  property over trademark registration titles and trade notices granted by the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property; (ii) copyright   in respect of the computer program(s), software  developments,  system(s) and/or its    derivatives, granted by the National Copyright Institute; and (iii)  all developments, know how, distinctive signs and/or  goods  or rights that correspond to it in the field  of  intellectual property in its own right  (the "Intellectual  Property"). 

    Pussykatclub does not grant  any  license or  authorization   of use of any kind  on  the Intellectual   Property, unless expressly agreed in writing, so the User  acknowledges that: (i)has no  right  to  Intellectual  Property, so it is  obligatory  to  respect at all times the rights that  Pussykatclub holds  over  it; (ii) you may  not modify,  alter,  delete, copy or   reproduce  either in whole or in part,  including but not limited to the informational content  generated by Pussykatclub, the  Intellectual  Property  and/or  any  indication  contained  on the Portal or platform. 

third party 

Users' wireless  service providers, manufacturers and    sellers  of devices on which the User  uses or accesses  the Portal or Platform, the  creator  of the Users' operating system and the operator of any similar app  or service store     through which Users  enter the Portal or Platform and transact (the "Third Parties") are not part of these Rules of Use or Pussykatclub, and are not owners or responsibilities of the Portal or Platform.  Therefore,  Pussykatclub  is not and will not    be   liable  for  any  operational details that depend on the Third Parties and  that  could  affect  the provision of  the  Services  through the Portal or platform. Third Parties make no  warranties in connection with the Portal or Platform, and  Pussykatclub  makes no warranties in connection with the services provided by  Third Parties. 

The Portal and/or the Platform, and the  transactional  means used   therein, have  been created  for  the latest version available on the market of Users' internet operating  systems  and  compatibility  issues may arise  when  using previous  versions. Wireless network coverage and  Wi-Fi network speed  vary  by provider   and  geographic    location. Pussykatclub  is not  responsible  for  limitations  and/or     failures  in the  operation   of  any  wireless or Wi-Fi service used to access the Portal or Platform  or  for the  security  of wireless or  Wi-Fi services. Like ever,  Pussykatclub  is not  responsible  for charges  or fees  for  use of  data networks,  which are the sole responsibility    of  the  User. 

User-provided content 

By posting or submitting content to the Portal or Platform, the User automatically grants Pussykatclub the right to use, reproduce, present, display, adapt, modify, distribute or promote the content in any way and for any purpose, in accordance with the provisions of the Rules of Use and the Legal Notice. Likely, the User accepts and warrants that he/she has the necessary property rights for such content or control over such content and that the publication and use of the content by Pussykatclub does not infringe or violate the rights of any third party, and does not constitute a crime. The User accepts and confirms that he/she is responsible for all content posted or submitted through the Portal or platform. In these cases, the User undertakes to: (i)  grant Pussykatclub a free and non-exclusive authorization to use the shared data; and (ii) bring  pussykatclub and/or its affiliates out in peace and/or its affiliates of any action, demand or claim for any intellectual property violations arising from the use of shared data that the User himself sends to Pussykatclub. 

Suspension or Denial of Access 

 Pussykatclub may, without  prior  notice, suspend,  disconnect,  deny  or  restrict  your  access:(a)  during a technical failure of the Portal or platform, or  during   the modification  or  maintenance of the  same; (b) if  the User uses  the Pussykatclub sites and infrastructure in a manner that     violates    these Rules  of Use or the respective service relationship; or (c) if the User does something or stops doing something  that pussykatclub believes could result in the operation or integrity of the facilities of any of the branches, employees, customers, the Portal or  the Pussykatclub Platform. 

Disclaimer and Disclaimer 

The Pussykatclub   Portal or Platform may contain links to  third-party sites,  resources,   or   sponsors. The  existence  of links to and  from the Portal or Platform to third-party    sites does   not  constitute a sponsorship by Pussykatclub of any third party site, resources, sponsors or content and Pussykatclub accepts  no liability,  directly or indirectly, for any such  sites,  resources,  sponsors   or  content. 

Pussykatclub makes no representations  or  approves  the    accuracy  or reliability of  any advice,  opinion,  statement    or  other information submitted or  distributed  through the Portal or Platform. The  User  agrees  that by  relying  on  any   such  opinions,  advice, statements  or  information,  he/she does so  at his/her own   risk. 

Pussykatclub and its partners, shareholders, directors, employees, collaborators, advisors and agents are not responsible for or offer warranties of any kind with respect to: (1) the content of the Portal and platform; (2) the materials, software, functions and information accessed through or   accessed through the software used on the Portal and platform; (3) any third party product or service or links to third parties on the Portal and Platform; or (4) any breach of security associated with the transmission of sensitive information through the Portal and the Platform or any linked site.  Pussykatclub and its partners make no express or implied warranties, including and without limitation, those of non-contravention or violation of laws or regulations, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Pussykatclub  does not guarantee that the functions contained in the Portal and the Platform or any material or content thereof will be free from interruptions or errors, that all defects will be corrected, or that the Portal and the Platform or the server on which they operate are free of viruses or other harmful components. Pussykatclub  accepts no liability for loss or damage (including and without limitation, indirect, special, consequential or direct loss or damage) resulting from the use of the Portal and platform, regardless of whether they occur as a result of any negligent act or omission. 

All contacts  or   interactions   between Users, considering    the  natural role of the offer ant and the  buyer in each  transaction, are  made  at the own risk  of  each  User, and  Pussykatclub have no  responsibility in   such  contacts  or  interactions. 


By means of this document, the User agrees to indemnify, defend and keep in peace and safe Pussykatclub  and all its affiliated or subsidiary companies, affiliates, representatives, agents, advisors, directors, directors, directors, owners, employees, collaborators, information providers, partners, grantees and licensors (collectively the "Indemnified Parties") against all liability and costs incurred by the Indemnified Parties in connection with any claim relating to any violation of this Agreement committed by the User, any unauthorized use of the content of the Portal or Platform or any infringement committed by the User of the foregoing statements, warranties or clauses, including and without limitation, reasonable attorneys' expenses and fees. The User must cooperate fully as reasonably required in defense of any claim.  Pussykatclub  reserves the right, at its own expense, to assume the exclusive defense and control of any matter that is otherwise subject to indemnification by you and the User must in no case resolve any matter without  pussykatclub's written consent. 

The above compensation is applicable for the benefit of Pussykatclub and by the respective  Supplier User,  without  limiting, in the  case of any complaint, claim,  procedure  or  demand  by a Buyer  User for  the case of products  that are of quality other than that offered, with  defects  and /  or that result  with  hidden   defects. In  such case, the  User, both  suppliers and buyers,    expressly   acknowledge that Pussykatclub will collect the complaint, claim,   procedure or   demand of the    Buyer User merely  as  an  intermediary,  with  the  Supplier  User being solely  and  exclusively responsible   directly    to  the Buyer  User for  the  respective products. 

Modifications to the Portal or Platform 

Pussykatclub may at  any  time  and when it  deems appropriate, without the need to notify the User, make  corrections, additions, improvements  or  modifications, delete,  delete the  content, presentation, information,  services, areas, databases and other elements  of the Portal or platform, in whole or in  part, without placing or entitlement to any claim or compensation, or that this implies recognition of any liability in favor of the  User. 

These changes  or  modifications will  take  effect  from  the  moment  of  their  update in the application,  without  the need  to  notify  the User in  advance. Pussykatclub  recommends    to  the  User    the constant  revision  of  these  Terms and Conditions  of  Use. 

Pussykatclub reserves       the  right to terminate    the  application   or  remove  any of  its   sections or contents, at  any  time,  at  its discretion  and without any authorization   or    notification   by  the  User. 

Applicable Law and Competent Courts 

           This  Agreement, the Rules of Use, and all matters  arising out of or relating to this Agreement,  shall be governed  by the  laws of Mexico & United States of America as the case depending, before  the competent federal courts of justice depending on the location.